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In the heart of the Netherlands, you can take a stroll on the former seabed; an amazing five meters below the current sea level. This is Flevoland, the result of the world’s largest ever land reclamation project! Endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure in this new land (and on water) are all there, just waiting to be discovered.

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Flevoland; one huge museum

The land reclamation story is there in front of your very eyes and sometimes it can even be felt all around you. There is the former work island of Lelystad for example, where the dike workers were once housed. Or the ‘high and dry’ islands: Urk and UNESCO World Heritage Site Schokland. The fact that this whole region was once submerged is evidenced by the markings of shipwrecks sited miles from the nearest coastline; Flevoland is one of the largest ‘dry’ ship graveyards in the world. This makes Flevoland one huge museum. For more information about Flevoland’s heritage, take a look at visitflevoland.nl/heritage

New wilderness in Flevoland

Half a century after the land was reclaimed, the former seabed has given rise to a wonderful nature area. Originally drained and set out by the hand of man, the flora and fauna has since mounted its own reclamation project to create its very own environment over the intervening decades. Spot the New Wilderness’s Big Five in the Oostvaardersplassen, experience deafening silence at the Horsterwold’s Silent Core or be delighted and enchanted by the Waterloopbos where you can visit the scaled down hydraulic engineering models of world water projects such as the harbours of Vlissingen and Lagos and the Dutch Deltaworks. Impressive stuff! For more information about nature in Flevoland, take a look at visitflevoland.nl/nature

A paradise for water (sports) enthusiasts

The water that remained and which today surrounds Flevoland is fascinating. Flevoland is famed for its ‘big’ sky, panoramic horizon and astonishing cloud formations. And then there is the water, plenty of water, and simply a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and beach lovers. Numerous locations offer sailing, windsurfing and parasailing.

Or perhaps just relaxing, soaking up the sun or taking a leisurely swim is more your thing? There is ample choice of attractive beaches to stretch out on. The water is there to be enjoyed in aqua rich Flevoland! For more information about Flevoland’s water recreation, take a look at visitflevoland.nl/water

World famous art and architecture

The new land has been a magnet for renowned artists and architects. They came here to make their clear mark on Flevoland’s planning and architecture. Here you will find striking land art and buildings; large scale art of even larger international repute right across Flevoland! Interested in broadening your cultural diet? Visit Flevoland’s theatres with their unusual backdrops and diverse locations, exceptional (art) exhibitions or happening music festivals. For more information about Flevoland’s culture landscape, take a look at

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